You could be staying in one of the 15 exquisite suites, or 30 superior rooms, or the 45 standard rooms spread over three levels — the Ruby, the Emerald and the Sapphire. Luxuriously appointed with hand tufted woolen carpets, ergonomically designed beds with mattresses that keep your backs rested and fit. As the air-conditioning silently lulls you to a fine state of equilibrium, you can enjoy the connectivity of wifi and the show on plasmas. Room dining can become another gourmet journey if you choose and safety can be experienced with your very own electronic safe. Relax and indulge in creature comforts where the utilities will surprise you with elegance, detail and comfort. And all through this our warmth in attending to your needs flowing seamlessly, offering a night of serenity and blissful dreams. Stir your senses. Awaken to a new page in luxury.

1001 Lounge Bar

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RIGEL( Coffee Shop)

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